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    After the International Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) dismissed the appeal of Atletico Madrid, the Bed Corps faced the embarrassment of introducing new aid this summer, and they needed a good news to boost the morale of the team. At the crucial moment, the French striker Graceman came forward and he renewed a new contract with the bed corps. In accordance with the provisions of this contract, theoretically Gleeszmann will have been in Madrid to 2022 years of competitive performance.
    To be sure, for the renewal of the Gleeszmann, Madrid athletic loyalty must be cheered, and the bed of the Legion of the opponents will certainly feel very depressed. However, this new contract really can guarantee Gleeszmann in Madrid to play for 5 years? Everything has been finalized? The following is an in-depth analysis of ESPN's renewal of the French striker.
    In fact, until the end of last month, Griesman is still considering leaving the Madrid athletics, when the French striker in an interview with the media, said: "For me, the transfer team is never a problem. The next post, perhaps in England, perhaps in Germany, may even be in China or the United States, frankly, I have been fully prepared for another environment. "There is no doubt that at that time, Remarks, certainly have to let the Madrid athletic fans such as falling ice cave.


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