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    The 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup was opened at the Vorobyovy Gory metro station in Moscow on June 13 (Tuesday). Russian Moscowers and visitors can now offer interesting facts about the championship championships in Russia from July 17 to July 2.

    Attractive exhibitions have been combined using the FIFA Cup brand image to familiarize passengers with the appearance of the game.

    Alexei Ilinykh, vice president of the Moscow subway, joined the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russian Ambassador Dmitri Bulykin.

    The exhibits have been on display in the glass cabinets of the station platform itself. The eight windows are devoted to every country that competes in the Confederacy Cup, which contains information about their previous accomplishments, the days they are playing, and other interesting facts. The bottom of each show is filled with Adidas official game ball Krasava replica, as well as each national team's football suit are equipped with human models.

    A separate window explains the volunteer plan in the game and features another body model, this time dressing up in Adidas uniforms will wear. Detailing a lot of information about what kind of work volunteers will be going to do in the Confederations Cup. The host of the host city of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan, the last part of the exhibition was put aside. Here you can also see the Russian 2018 official mascot, the number of wolf Zabivaka ™.

    "Our new exhibition is fascinating," said Alexei Sorokin, chief executive officer of Russia's 2018 local organizing committee. "It provides another opportunity for locals and visitors to understand the championship, Such as what the national team here to participate in the game, and to the beautiful football to the fans to provide more fun, we went to the last few hours Union Cup is in progress, we are completing the final preparations, we can not wait to see in the stadium To the audience! "

    "We are ready for the Moscow Metro as a supporter of the main transport power of the Confederations Cup," Irene Nick said. "We updated the subway guide and continued to do so to provide guidance in English. Ticket offices and other places also received the English Course, a few days ago with the Moscow subway phone application program together with the LOC to create a joint cup part.

    "I believe that the opening ceremony of this exhibition is a good gift for football fans," Bridigan said, "in the Moscow game, there are tickets and fans number can go to Spartak free Stadiums, UEFA Cup competitions are easier to get supporters. "

    Last winter, a special train designed in the Federal Cup style was seen on the Circle Line in Moscow and on the St. Petersburg metro. The fraternity cup and the World Cup host city airport also opened this summer's game.


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