3 points to decide Mora Lata will vote Manchester United

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    Spanish striker Mora tower is particularly looking forward to Manchester United and Real Madrid two clubs as soon as possible to reach an agreement, so that they can also re-planning their own career as soon as possible. Manchester United coach Mourinho also hope that the early reunion with his disciples, the magic bird that Real Madrid striker is the most suitable for the team, and the perfect alternative Ibrahimovic candidates. http://www.xfifa.com/
    First of all, Mourinho is very understanding of the Mora tower, Real Madrid striker is in Mourinho during the town of Bernabeu completed the first team debut, and the Bernabeu stadium debut. Although it was already in December 2010, but Mora Tata always feel Mourinho is the most understand their own coach, the magic bird has said: "Mora tower will be one of the best striker in Spain. "Mourinho is an important guide to the career of Mora Tate, not good to bring new people in Portugal to teach the head of the eye-catching knowledge but created the Mora tower.
    Mourinho most appreciate Mora La two points: in any game are calm, and in front of the Qiangdian and end ability. Mora's Real Madrid career most of the bench as a substitute, even so he was in 209 appearances into 85 balls, the efficiency is quite amazing. Just this season, he is the Real Madrid team after C Luo and Benzema's third striker, which for many years without reuse of the Mora tower is not easy. Mourinho and Moratt can be described as sympathetic, the two should be renewed front.


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